Peace Record Corporation 

Video Wedding Package


Set-up and preparation, which starts at least 1 hour prior to start of the ceremony.


Two-camera coverage of the entire Wedding Ceremony.  (One Stationary Camera & One Camera manned by the videographer.)


Special lighting of the room for the Wedding Ceremony if necessary & the facility allows set-up time.


Wireless microphone for the Groom.


Single camera coverage of the Reception.


Single camera coverage of the Last Rehearsal (if in the Chicagoland area).


Up to 5 hours of Time from the videographer.


Post Production Editing to create a professional tape.


Elegant Animations, Titling and Transitions.


Background Music (provided by Bride & Groom).


Up to 10 still photos of Bride & Groom included in video (provided by Bride & Groom), includes cropping, touch-up and re-sizing.


Specially Designed color cover for DVD case.


2 DVD edited masters, each with labeling, plastic case, and full-color insert.

TOTAL COST:    $875.00


Payment Options

Additional Information:


A 40% deposit is required to reserve your date(s) and the equipment in our schedule.


The remaining balance is due anytime before but  no later than before the start of the wedding ceremony.


You must contact us by email or phone to clear your date(s) before applying any money for Deposits/Final Payments/or Payments in Full, towards you event(s).


A contract can be mailed, faxed or sent by Email to you upon request.

Other Costs:


Extra copies of the finished video, including Color DVD Label, Color Insert, & DVD case is $5.00 each.  If the Wedding requires two DVDs then the DVD set is $7.50 per set.


Additional videographer time at events (when 5 hours is exceeded) is $35.00 per hour.  Additional videographer time for re-editing (after the edited master is initially made) is $25.00 per hour in addition to the contracted costs.



You can rent from Peace Record Corporation a Wedding Ceremony Round Canopy or Chuppah with White Sheer Drapes, Top Valance, and the Four Upright Supports as seen.  The Bride, Groom, Minister, or Rabbi could be within it to perform the Wedding Ceremony.  (For Indoor Use only ... unless a Flooring has been installed beneath it for the Canopy to sit on Outdoors).  (The White Wall Backdrop behind it is not included) .

Price includes set-up, rental, & break-down.

Do not attach to drapes by Piercing holes, cutting, stapling, pinning, or taping to it, damage will occur to the drapes (client responsible for replacement cost of any damaged or stained drapes).

Do not attach wet fresh Flowers they may stain the drapes.


If required a White Sheer Covering can be installed overhead ... attached to the Canopy or Chuppah for an additional $50.00.

The horizontal Satin Valance at the top of the Canopy is Purple in color ... that can be replaced with a color that is part of your Wedding Palate.  The cost is an additional $50.00. 





Payments can be made either by mailing a check or money order to us, or by using your credit card online through this website.



(There is No Travel Expense Charge if you are located within 40 miles of our location in Chicago, which includes cities like Schaumburg, Evanston, Joliet, IL & Gary, IN.)

  If the rental is to take-place beyond 40 miles from our location in Chicago, Illinois a $1.00 per mile-traveled charge will be added (One Way Distance).  The Travel Expense charge may need to be increased slightly due to specific conditions and the travel days span required for delivery and pick-up.  This charge is designed to cover our additional costs of gas, food, possible tolls, possible overnight expenses, extended hour pay for help, etc.    

  One-half of the mileage charge is payable with the initial deposit, and the final half is payable along with the Final Payment either before the date of the event, or on the date of the event before equipment set-up can begin at the scheduled equipment set-up time.  If videotaping is not scheduled for the last rehearsal ...because of the travel distance... then the Final Payment... including the 2nd half of the mileage charge is to be made anytime prior to but no later than on the day of the wedding ceremony before equipment set-up can begin.  

To clear your date, for more information, or to obtain a contract send an Email including your requested specific requirements, date, time & event location(s) to videos@peacerecord.com or call (773) 220-3282.



  A SITE SURVEY TRIP ... is a trip to the location of an Event in order to map out Equipment that will fit there ... as in Size of Staging ... Size of Tents ... To Determine Which of our many Sound Systems, Lighting Systems, Video Projection Systems, Video Production Camera Systems, Orchestra Risers, Choral Risers, Fashion Show Runways, will work there ... To determine the amount of cables needed to reach Lighting, Audio, Video Equipment.  Any determining factors specific to your Event, that would require a trip there by us.

A SITE SURVEY PURCHASE TRIP ... is a trip to a location to arrange for, or/and to purchase Unique Equipment Specific to your EVENT.

The Cost of a SITE SURVEY TRIP is $75.00.

The Cost of a SITE SURVEY PURCHASE TRIP is $75.00.

If the Distance to a SITE SURVEY TRIP or a SITE SURVEY PURCHASE TRIP takes place beyond 40 miles from our location in Chicago, Illinois ... a $1.00 per mile-traveled charge will be added (One Way Distance) ... This is per our above TRAVEL EXPENSE CHARGES requirement.

SITE SURVEY CHARGES ... are applicable to anyone that has not Booked us for an Event with a Deposit ... or will not be Booking us for their Event with a Deposit.